Spatial Flux is a perspective-shifting rail shooter in which you must utilize both the 2D and 3D views of a space fighter in order to protect mankind. It takes elements from games like Gradius and Star Fox.

.....While out testing an experimental space fighter for your planet's military, an alien fleet of incredible size appears out of nowhere. The flagship fires a powerful beam straight at your home world and destroys a large section of it. Now, they're charging up the cannons and preparing for another attack but there should be just enough time to stop them, because you're piloting Spatial Flux.

.....In Spatial Flux you can skillfully dodge any incoming enemy fire and deliver it two-fold. You can wield a variety of firepower ranging from your standard laser to the devastating black hole bomb. With your ship, you can even bend space to see and move in an entirely different perspective. They may have an armada but you've got space itself at your fingertips.

Tyler Fero
John Haynes
Derrick Johnson
DJ Kebaili
Tony Lin
Lloyd Long

7/21/08 - Spatial Flux GOLD has been released!

6/23/08 - The Spatial Flux Beta has been released!

6/18/08 - The second Pre-Build has been released. Head over to the download page.

6/16/08 - The Pre-Beta has been released! Head over to the download page. Team Facepalm is looking for Beta Testers, visit the Beta page to sign up!

4/30/08 - Technical documentation and project scheduling completed.

4/28/08 - Proof of Concept demonstration.

4/21/08 - Work begins on the core game engine.

4/4/08 - Design documentation completed.

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